Computer-to-Plate Developer Treatment System

Developer Treatment System

Collect, measure and neutralize pH levels of CTP developer waste fluid so that it can be safely discharged on-site.

Automated system

Fully automated and monitored solution that keeps track of consumables

Simple installation

Simple, low-maintenance installation

Neutralize pH

Neutralize pH to any municipal regulation

Until now, the only viable option has been hauling, which is expensive, requires storage and ultimately only transfers the problem elsewhere.

Today, Metafix offers the first real alternative: The Metafix CTP-pH-Control-R4 Universal SystemTM. This is not just a machine, it’s a waste management and tracking system that manages and monitors CTP effluent allowing generators to safely discharge all types of Thermal, Violet and Photopolymer CTP effluent On-Site!

The Metafix CTP-pH-Control-R4-Universal SystemTM collects, measures and neutralizes the pH levels of all CTP waste effluent using a specially formulated neutralizing agent, MetaAidTM. After neutralization, the effluent can be safely discharged on-site. It’s fully automatic so there’s no handling, no storage, and no hauling of waste chemicals.

Each CTP-pH-Control installation is tracked in our MetaTraxTM (Environmental Management System) database. Volume Reports, Incident Reports and Sample Discharge results can be obtained online or we can issue reports when requested.

As part of our integrated MetaTraxTM Service Plan, Metafix will monitor your system, keeping track of consumables and maintenance making sure the Metafix CTP-pH Control system R4TM is working as hard as you are.