Metafix produces advanced clean technologies to fix metallic liquid waste water problems others don’t.

A disruptor in the circular economy, Metafix uses data-driven systems that transform wastewater to the elements that are most precious.

Efficient Wastewater Treatment

The Metafix heavy metal treatment system removes toxic metals from waste waters without using any chemicals or producing any hazardous sludge.  

Ag, Cu, Cr (Hex & Tri), Ni, Zn etc… metals are exchanged ionically in our filters with an output metal concentration of <1 ppm. 

The modularity of the Metafix treatment system can be adapted to process a limitless volume per minute, as well as any inlet concentration resulting in an output concentration of <1 ppm.

The metal captured in the Metafix filters, in addition the filters themselves are 100% recyclable.

We provide a green touch in a small footprint to complete the full circle of the life of the metal and return the elements into the economy.

Metafix systems are low on maintenance and require almost no human intervention.

  • Metals to represented by periodic symbols

  • Picture of RT systems currently at “why go full circle”

  • Feature applicable industries (Metal finishing, surface finishing, Aerospace, Transport, Automotive, Non destructive testing NDT, Anodizing, etc…)

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Monitor your sustainability with Metatrax

You can say we create sustainability through a unique process of process control and waste treatment. This means we guarantee security for your company’s reputation, for the environment, and for generations to come. But if that isn’t enough, see how MetaTrax brings ROI that can be measured – every minute of the day.

Environmental Health & Safety


Learn about how Metafix can help simplify your environmental health & safety department.

  • No downtime

  • Better profitability

  • Space gains

  • Resource optimization


Metafix uses data-driven systems that transform wastewater to purified water.

“Some say we transform waste to wellness.
Others say we replace PPMs with good karma.”

Why Go Full Circle With Metafix?

Gain Creators

  • Regulatory compliance / Smaller footprint.

  • Industry 4.0 data-rich insights.

  • Resource optimization.

Pain Points

  • Harmful environmental impact.

  • Maintenance & labour issues.

  • Reckless spending.