Industrial Wastewater Treatment

RW2 - Rinse Water Control System (rev2)

Metafix MBX-1000

No chemicals, no sludge

Heavy metal capture without harmful coagulants, precipitates or other outdated technologies.

One step treatment

With no special handling or certifications required.

Full observability and monitoring

MetaTrax Cloud is always online, keeping you informed about the state of your systems with historical data always accessible.

Rinse Bath Monitoring

High efficiency water management

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Centralized instrumentation

Automatically provides the best sampling accuracy to maintenance ratio.

Active monitoring

Access historical production information with custom executive summaries.


Improved safety

No more hauling dangerous industrial chemicals. We neutralized pH making your waste safe to flush.

Industry leading solution

Hundreds of installations across North America, with support teams available to help.

Compliance Monitoring

24/7 uptime with all your historical data at your fingertips.