Interactive dashboard featuring data points and analytics

See how MetaTrax brings ROI that can be measured - every minute of the day.

Industrial Wireless Gateway

MTFX CELLULAR V4 is an industrial cellular gateway designed to operate under high temperatures and scenarios with potential physical hazards.

MetaTrax Cloud

Suppports MetaTrax Cloud for Mass Device Deployment

For wall mounted applications

Conveniently deploy the device in a safe position with minimal physical interference for reliable wireless connection
Industry, Pressure, Volume

Empowering Data

Display dashboards

Display dashboards and different views on website.


Add custom dashboard software with interactive features for increased engagement. (Manipulate numbers: litres, pH levels, temperature, etc).

Leverage report

Leverage report as lead generation tool. (Downloadable MetaTrax whitepaper).


Create high-level assessment to mimic a typical diagnostic / MetaTrax report.