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We recycle printing Computer - To - Plate liquid developer waste.

Metafix Fountain Solution Control System

Replace your proportioner system with a state of the art mixing and data logging Metafix system

Don’t stop the press to dump.
Replenish on the go with Metafix’s Refresh Mode.

What’s the problem?

Press operators deal with constant challenges on the press. Despite all the technology, printing is a modern alchemy performed by craftsmen. We know that every press is different.
They all have their own characteristics and idiosyncrasies. It is well know that, if fountain solution is not properly mixed and monitored that problems can arise on press causing waste. Proportioners have proven to be unreliable and re-circulator instrumentation often needs to be recalibrated which results in inaccurate readings.
If your proportioner is unreliable, your readings are inaccurate and there is no data logging in place, how can you be confident of the quality of fountain solution that is being sent to press?

Do not waste time with unreliable proportioners.
Digitize your chemicals with the Metafix FSCS.

FSC No backgroud & look left

Eliminate Proportioners

Metafix systems enhance the ability to properly manage fountain solution, silicone and CTP developer with accurate and dependable mixing, repurposing or treating waste and providing production data online.

If you can measure it, you can manage it.

What makes Metafix unique?

Metafix Fountain Solution Control System has been proven to mix 100% accurately to customer’s specifications. The system’s conductivity, pH, temperature and flow readings are laboratory precise. Internet ready connectivity provides the system with cloud data logging that customer’s can access to monitor their process digitally through Metatrax.

Report Live

Metatrax turns data into valuable information. It is a data-based driven environmental management system design to capture and report all parameters measured by the fountain solution control unit through email, text or web browser.


  • Reduce paper and fountain solution waste
  • Increase cost savings
  • Refresh Mode eliminates routine dumps
  • Consistent, accurate fountain solution
  • Faster make ready
  • Increased press speed
  • Online tracking and data logging


  • Internet line
  • Water line
  • 120v connection