Metafix Rinse Water Control System

Control your water, reduce your waste

For 30 years Metafix has been a company that has prided itself on innovating systems for the benefit of the environment and customer. With this in mind, we have focused on the surface finishing markets and developed the Metafix Rinse Water Control & Treatment System.

Our system uses patented technology to greatly reduce the amount of rinse water used in traditional rinse bath operations. By closely monitoring conductivity, pH temperature and controlling rinse water usage. The system respects the specifications needed for production and client requirements.

The systems instrumentation is housed in our patented probe centric cell, that provides laboratory conditions so that readings are highly accurate. By having the instrumentation away from the production and in a clean, controllable setting, we achieve the consistent analyses needed to control the rinse water to reduce rinse water used by up to 90%.

Eliminate hazardous waste

When water is reduced, so is the wastewater that needs treatment. With the reduction in wastewater, we can supply our customers with our patented wastewater treatment system. The discharge from our treatment. 

Control your water, reduce your waste, eliminate hazardous waste

Report live

The system is Internet ready and communicates the collected data to our cloud based data logging system Metatrax. Customers are sent system progress reports and alarm notifications via email or SMS text.

BENEFITS of Rinse Water
Control & Treatment system:

  • 90% reduction in rinse water used
  • 90% reduction in wastewater
  • Water costs savings
  • Treatment cost savings
  • Municipal compliant
  • No Hazardous waste
  • Small foot print
  • Internet connection enables data logging
    and real time


  • Internet line
  • Water line
  • 120v connection