Metal Recovery

Ecological treatment systems for industrial waste waters.

Hexavalent chrome wastewater

Metal Surfacing


Did you know?

Over 300 chromium-containing compounds were registered for commercial use in Canada over the past decade. Used in everyday consumer products, the annual Canadian consumption of chromium has reached 95K metric tonnes.

Metafix innovates disruptive processes for process control and wastewater management – so you can preserve your reputation in the industry. We distill data-driven insights that purify water and take the negativity out of chrome.


Which insurance plan brings you $ savings?

The Metafix Plan.

Obligations to meet industry regulations and increasing costs are enough to keep anyone awake at night.

But what if doing the right thing for the environment became effortless? And what if you knew you couldn’t fail? You do the math.

Copper wastewater


Silver wastewater

Oil & Gas
Mirror Production


You have a lot on your mind.

Liabilities. On-site expenses. A reputation on the line. So why risk failing a spot inspection when you don’t have to?

Metafix prides itself on innovative clean technologies that solve the problem of metallic liquids, that others don’t! This means your environmental audit trail stays as clean – as the water we just treated.