Metafix holds 7 U.S. and Canadian patents for our different silver recovery technologies

We hold 7 U.S. and Canadian (worldwide patents pending), including the ones below:

US patent #6,120,194
Photographic liquids effluent discharge

Spent color photography liquids comprising alkaline developer liquid and fixer liquid loaded with iron ions generate a dischargeable effluent, in which clogging of drains and conduits with precipitated iron oxides is minimized or avoided; the liquids are fed through separate feed ports into a vessel to form a liquid bath, the feed ports being isolated from each other and from the liquid bath; liquid effluent is pumped from the bath to form an effluent flow; preferably the pumping employs a suction generated by flow of a carrier liquid such as water through a venturi passage, whereby the liquid effluent is entrained in the flowing water and discharged under pressure, the precipitated iron oxides being retained in a dispersed non-clogging state.
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US patent #5,900,041
Value metal recovery

Value metal, for example, silver in a spent silver bearing photographic solution is efficiently recovered in an exchange mass comprising a particulate inert substrate, for example, cellulosic fibers, synthetic fibers or sponge particles, co-mingled and interlocking with elongate particles of replacement metal, for example, strands of steel wool; the substrate defines a non-channeling random flow paths for liquid flow, and inhibits carriage of recovered value metal by the flowing liquid.
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