We offer custom solutions to re-purpose waste, comply with municipal sewer bylaws,
and monitor the complete process online.


In pre press processes of the printing sector, a portion of Computer To Plate liquid developer waste can be recycled. There can therefore be a reduction in the total volume of plate developer solution purchased and consumed, and usage can be optimized.

The unrecyclable discharge must then be neutralized to compliance according to municipal parameters. With Metafix environmental compliance systems, optimization, neutralization, and the data behind it all are working with your best interests in mind

Printing Induestries


One of the corner stones of Metafix’s history is silver recovery. With 30 years experience, we have been the leader for innovation and compliance in the industry.  We have used our experience in silver recovery and our innovations in other industrial markets to develop a new advanced system for the industrial x-ray market.

The Metafix Process Monitoring and Effluent Control System (MBX) has been developed as a two tier product.


For 30 years Metafix has been a company that has prided it self on innovating systems for the benefit of the environment and customer. With this mind set we have focused on the metal and surface finishing market and developed the Metafix Rinse Water Control & Treatment System. Our system uses patented technology to greatly reduce the amount of rinse water used in traditional bath overflow operations.

By closely monitoring conductivity, pH and temperature we have been able to achieve water usage that is much closer to the specifications needed for production. The systems instrumentation is confined to the patented probe centric cell, which provides laboratory conditions so that readings are