New environmental issues

Companies are part of the communities in which they operate. Their success lies not only in their industrial and commercial activities, but also on maintaining good relationships with individuals and institutions that surround them. These companies must evolve with respect, and constantly adapt to social challenges and expectations of the population.

Customers in response to debates on globalization today are very demanding in respect of responsible business conduct. Consumer demand for ethical products at competitive prices. As for shareholders, they are looking for an improved financial performance that integrates social and environmental considerations. It is for these reasons that the production techniques, as well as all elements of the value chain, are constantly evolving.

Things to Remember

Respect for the environment is increasingly a key criterion for success in business. Indeed, it is evidence of good management and builds trust among customers, consumers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and financial institutions. Sustainable development has many benefits and promotes the interests of business.

Know your environment and its impacts

To compete under-performing and innovative company, you must acquire and maintain a thorough knowledge of your environment and your impact.


  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Eco efficiency
  • The Life Cycle Analysis (eco design) of a product, service, business, or process
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Environmental Management System (ISO14001)

Things to Remember

The key is to have identified the regulations that apply to your business, and to have good knowledge of the terms and conditions to ensure they are in compliance. The larger the company and its staff are involved in an environmental approach the benefits will be greater for the company.