Automated Bulk Chemical Mixing of Fixer and Developer replenishment

Presently Bulk Chemical Mixing of Fixer and Developer replenishment for film processors is done using a variety of legacy style mixing units, like the old style “White Mountain” units. These mixers “Layer” the individual concentrated components of the “Bulk Chemical Kit” one at a time in small batches. This necessitates having the individual chemical components (drums and jugs) parked in front of the mixing unit until they are completely consumed. An alternative method requires operators to transfer the individual chemicals from the manufacturers shipping containers to separate static holding tanks. For a variety of reasons including the inefficient mixing methodology, when one component is consumed there remains leftovers of other components and the “Bulk Chemical Kit” is not totally consumed. This results in an incomplete mix with a potentially compromised formula. Legacy mixers require significant floor space with a host of hoses and wires, the process is inefficient, cumbersome and maintenance intensive making image quality suspect at best.

Additionally, the film processors can replenish while these legacy mixing units are in the process of mixing a new batch, an egregious oversight. Until all the concentrated chemical components are properly mixed together the chemical formulations most certainly are not stable or correct, again potentially compromising image quality.

Introducing the Metafix Bulk Chemical Mixing System (BCM)

A Chemical Mixing System designed to realize and optimize the chemical manufacturers mixing formula. Producing a stable, true homogeneous “Ready to Use” replenishment solution for your film processing chemicals. This truly innovative system simplifies operator involvement, reduces floor space, and features online monitoring and reporting while consuming all the individual chemical components in one continuous operation. The BCM System is especially cost effective for customers currently purchasing their film chemistry in boxes, allowing them to save money by switching to less costly bulk chemistry without sacrificing image quality resulting from poor mixing.

Metafix now offers a complete NDT chemical management system featuring a monitored (multi) processor replenishment unit and a central silver recover unit to manage the film processors chemistry from Start to Final Discharge. The system is a revolution for larger customers looking for a reliable way to manage their film chemistry while ensuring excellent image quality and discharge compliance.